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Illuminations #15, Tevet 5775, Parshat Vayechi

Torah Gems When reading the parsha from the Torah every Shabbos, we realize that there is a spacing pattern between each parsha that indicates a new weekly portion. However, in parshas Vayechi there is no spacing marking the end of parshas Vayigash that came before. What is

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Illuminations #14, Tevet 5775, Parshat Vayigash

Torah Gems “אל תרגזו בדרך” The Pasuk states the following “אל תרגזו בדרך” which liteally means don’t trouble on the way. Rashi on this Pasuk quotes a Gemara that explains this Pasuk to mean, Yosef Hatzadik was telling his brothers not to toil in halakha on the

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Illuminations #13, Kislev 5775, Parshat Miketz

Torah Gems Do not show off to the goyim ויאמר יעקב לבניו למה תתראו וכו’ ונחיה ולא נמות Yaakov told his sons why do you make yourselves conspicuous, go to מצרים and bring us food so we shall live and not die. The question is asked “Why

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