About Us

Kollel Ner Hamizrach strives to inspire a love for Torah, cherishing our heritage, and growth in mitzvah observance.



In Elul 5774 Kollel Ner Hamizrach opened its doors with ten young rabbis. These rabbis learn their Talmudic studies under the tutelage of Rabbi Eliezer Cohen. Rabbi Cohen is an internationally recognized Talmudic scholar who has received rabbinical ordination from several Roshei Yeshiva. He is also a prolific author and noted speaker.

Besides their own rigorous daily learning schedule, the rabbis also teach and tutor in the evenings throughout the Atlanta Jewish community. Kollel Ner Hamizrach aims to create a bastion of Torah scholarship in Atlanta, serve as a catalyst to encourage other young couples to move to Atlanta and share their Torah knowledge and traditions with Jews of all affiliations.