Estate Planning

Why create a Kollel Legacy?

Jewish tradition teaches that one of our key duties is to make the world a better place for future generations.

Whether you use a will or other estate planning vehicle, your generosity can do a world of good. A kollel estate planning professional can help you start this rewarding process.

Your legacy can reflect everything that is most important and meaningful to you. The legacy planning process can engender heartfelt conversations with your family and build bonds with your partners in the community.

The act of creating a legacy empowers you to complete the work of your heart, and to enjoy the peace that it brings. You are assured that your work will continue and the Jewish future will be bright.

How Do I Create a Kollel Legacy?

Everyone has a unique family and financial situation. Your legacy gift of any size can be designed to match your personal circumstances. Options include:

  • A simple charitable bequest
  • An outright gift using appreciated assets or cash
  • An IRA or pension plan
  • A life insurance policy
  • A charitable gift annuity
  • A charitable remainder trust


Frequently Asked Questions