Student Scholarship Organization

book_and_applesIn August 2016, Kollel Ner Hamizrach intends to open the Ner Hamizrach Preschool.  Initially, the preschool will service pre-k students.  In order to assist these families attending our preschool we endeavor to raise funds that can augment the amount of tuition that our families can afford.  One of the most efficacious ways to assist these families is by participating in our Student Scholarship Organization (SSO).  The SSO law, which was passed in 2008, allows Georgia tax payers to redirect a portion of their Georgia State income taxes to an SS).

We have partnered with Apogee Scholarship Fund.  Although the statewide cap of $58mm has already been reached for 2015, we look forward to your participation in 2016.

The process is very simple.  The on line application can be completed in 90 seconds.  The donor does not reveal any personal tax information in the application. Then the donor waits until January to hear if he/she has been approved to make the donation and receive the tax credit.  Everyone gets approved, provided that the statewide $58mm cap has not been reached.

The guidelines are as follows:

Georgia taxpayers can redirect taxes up to the following amounts:

  • Single or multi-member LLC’s $10,000
  • Partners in Partnerships $10,000
  • Shareholders in S Corporations $10,000
  • Married $2500
  • Single $1000
  • Married filing separately $1250 ea.
  • Trusts and Estates can offset up to 75% of their State income tax
  • Corporations can offset up to 75% of their State income tax

Please CLICK HERE to start your application.  The entire on line application process takes no more than 10 minutes.  Once approved, you will have (60) days to make your donation.  If you have applied for this program before through Apogee, you simply need to ask to be reauthorized for 2015.  Please make sure that you chose Ner Hamizrach as the school that you are designating your funds to.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to call me at 404-594-5999 or email me at